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Welcome to our 6-week Program

Being a mom often means putting everyone else's needs ahead of your own. But here's the thing: when moms thrive, the whole family benefits. That's where our 6-week course comes in.

Recharge & Restore 





Hey there, amazing Mom,

I see you. I see the immense love you pour into being a mother, but I also sense that there's a weight on  your shoulders, like you might be feeling a little tapped out. Perhaps you're in a bit of a funk or a rut.


Guess what? You're not alone on this journey. What you're doing is both extraordinary and challenging, and you know what? It's high time for you to feel connected and, get time to reflect with other mom's who are feeling just like you.

 Whoever you are, whatever your story, there's something truly special about connecting with other moms who get it, who understand the highs and lows of this wild ride.

The journey we're diving into is all about tapping into the incredible power that lies within you as a mother. Do you remember what made you want to do this? If you've forgotten, no worries. The mission of this series is to bring you back to that joy, that spark you once felt about motherhood. This is a judgment-free zone, a space where you can find comfort and camaraderie among fellow moms who totally get it.

Let's have a heart-to-heart – your well-being matters above all else. When you're thriving, everything else just falls into place. I'm here, arms wide open, ready to walk beside you on this incredible journey of transformation.

By the way, I'm Doree.

I've been a childbirth educator and doula for over two decades. I am fun and serious lol. I love serving people. It is one thing I do for my own personal self-care. I enjoy music and dancing, hiking and laughing with my other mom friends. I also have facilitated many diverse mom groups and I have a certification for postpartum group facilitation. With the mission to  helping mothers to connect and thrive together.

I have six kids, four of whom have special needs, so trust me, I know the ups and downs of parenting firsthand. I've been through postpartum depression and have walked alongside so many moms in support groups and mommy-and-me gatherings.

I get it – you need a space where you

can just be you, no judgment, where you can process and grow.

Doree Handford doula, postpartum support, motherhood

Program Outline

mom community, respite for moms, twin mom, autism mom,

Serious mom bonding going on over here.

*Please note that the following topics are examples and may be adjusted based on the needs of the group*


Week 1: Personalized Path to Restoration

  • Assessing your individual pain points and challenges

  • Collaboratively determining the trajectory for the upcoming weeks

  • Establishing a personalized plan for your journey of restoration

Week 2: Embracing Self-Care

  • Understanding the significance of self-care for your overall well-being

  • Implementing practical self-care strategies tailored to your needs

  • Crafting a self-care routine that aligns with your unique circumstances

Week 3: Mindfulness and Stress Reduction

  • Exploring mindfulness practices suited for your daily life

  • Customized stress reduction techniques to cultivate resilience

  • Integrating mindfulness into your routine to navigate challenges effectively

Week 4: Cultivating Relationships and Connection

  • Nurturing meaningful connections with your partner, family, and friends

  • Effective communication strategies to strengthen relationships

Week 5: Igniting Joy and Creativity

  • Rediscovering joy and creativity beyond your role as a mother

  • Engaging in activities that spark happiness and passion.

Week 6: Reflection, Celebration, and Future Thriving

  • Reflecting on your journey and the progress you've made

  • Celebrating achievements and newfound empowerment

  • Creating a roadmap for ongoing self-care and personal growth

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