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What is Birth Story Listening®?


By Doree Handford~ Birthing From Within Mentor ~CD ~ A Parents Paradise

Everyone who has gone though a life changing event will have moments throughout it where they will question what was done to or for them during the experience. A couple examples would be; I wish I (they) could have done… it would have been better this way... if only I have made this choice or done that… or something along those lines. It may be small or it may be something that replays in your mind over and over.

When you are asked about your story it is easy to change it based on who you are telling your story to. You will tell certain friends or family all the details while leaving out upsetting or surprising information to other people. Most people will listen, give advice or amp up the injustice that has just occurred to you. All well meaning, and loving, but it doesn’t change your thoughts or feelings of the story.

Birth Story Listening is a gift to anyone who has had a baby. Once becoming a parent it is hard enough to find a moment to pee alone, let alone a moment to process the journey you have just taken. We will take one moment of all the moments in your journey to becoming a parent, and help you to process it.

A birth story listener is a active listener who can help you navigate what you are telling yourself because that moment happened and guide you to see your story in another way. If there is something you are still struggling with, schedule a session, it may be just what you need.

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