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Hey There! 

Hello, my name is Doree! 

I am certified as a childbirth educator with ICEA (International Childbirth Education Association), Bates Technical College, and Birthing From Within. I am a wife to a wonderful man, Adam Handford, and we have six beautiful children.

As a birth worker and a mom of six, I'm here to share my knowledge with soon-to-be parents who want real guidance. My journey into all things birthing started when I fell in love with a story called the "Red Tent." It inspired me to become a doula with DONA, helping parents through the birthing process.

I spent two years studying childbirth at Bates Technical College and got certified by ICEA. I also went through an amazing Birthing From Within Training. This approach, focusing on making birth special no matter where it happens, struck a chord with me.


Now I'm an advanced mentor, always learning more to be the best support.

When I'm not wearing my doula hat, I'm out in nature, hiking and staying active. I love music, dancing, and strumming my guitar. But my heart truly belongs to my family.

Sixteen years ago, destiny brought me and my husband together at a rock concert. Since then, we've built a wonderful life in North Idaho's peaceful landscapes.

With six amazing kids, each one unique and cherished, my greatest joy comes from watching them grow and find happiness.

If you're stepping into the incredible journey of childbirth and parenthood, I'm here to stand by your side, offering warm and caring support.

For personalized childbirth education and doula guidance, let's connect:


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