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Meet your facilitator

Welcome to your journey of discovery and growth! I'm Doree Handford, your dedicated instructor, here to guide and support you every step of the way. Join me as we explore the exciting world of parenthood together. Feel free to explore my page, get to know me, and discover the myriad ways I'm here to assist you in navigating this incredible new chapter.

Natural birth is what comes naturally to you.

- Pam England

Doree Handford Childbirth education and Doula services
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EMPOWERING you through birth and beyond!

Your partner will be well-equipped to provide support throughout labor and help you make informed decisions. 

I am thankful that my wife introduced me to Doree and we are using her in our pregnancy journey. I learned much more than I thought I would, and each session gave me more confidence to be the best partner for my wife during her pregnancy and through labor and beyond. I strongly recommend Doree to anyone who needs a doula in their pre and post birth journey.

Daniel Okwena

Doree and A Parents Paradise do an excellent job with the birthing classes. So informative and interactive! I feel we were well equipped for birth after attending class and it’s filled with many useful nuggets for us to take on our journey. Thank you!

Jeremy Kitchen

I am so glad my husband & I took this class! Doree is such a warm & kindred spirit who’s passion really is to help build your confidence & prepare you for the amazing journey of childbirth! I’m due with my first in September & had originally planned to just wing it hahaha which of course left me feeling scared, uncertain & doubtful of my abilities. Thanks to A Parents Paradise I now have an understanding of what to expect step by step with labor & postpartum & now feel excited, confident & reassured!
This was also such an awesome class for my partner who learned amazing skills to help me along this journey & has brought us so much closer.
I honestly can’t say enough on how amazing this class really was!

Elizabeth Hull

I cannot recommend Doree enough. She is so knowledgeable and kind. She is an amazing doula and her childbirth classes are a must!

Erika Rios

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