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Meet your facilitator

Welcome to your journey of discovery and growth! I'm Doree Handford, your dedicated instructor, here to guide and support you every step of the way. Join me as we explore the exciting world of parenthood together. Feel free to explore my page, get to know me, and discover the myriad ways I'm here to assist you in navigating this incredible new chapter.

Natural birth is what comes naturally to you.

Pam England

Transform your limiting beliefs, take control of your birth experience,
and discover your inner wisdom with
A Parents Paradise.


Childbirth Classes and Support in North Idaho


You Are not alone!

With our support, you can leave behind the worries and uncertainties and step into this life-changing journey with strength, assurance, and the knowledge to make it a deeply empowering and fulfilling experience for both you and your partner.

- In our classes, we don't shy away from your fears and worries; we address them head-on.

- We empower you to find your voice during labor and equip you to advocate for your preferences confidently.

- We provide you with the tools to support your partner effectively, fostering a deeper connection.

- We guide you through navigating the uncertainties of childbirth and leave you feeling fully prepared.

- We help you build the confidence to manage pain and show you what you're truly capable of accomplishing.

Our Guided Approach

Read the experience below to get a feel of the kind of class you would be joining⬇️⬇️⬇️

Meet Deidra and Daniel. In our first, two-hour class, we witnessed a remarkable transformation. Deidra, like many, entered with fears and doubts about her ability to handle labor. She had envisioned birth in the same way as those portrayed in sitcoms and movies – filled with agony. It's easy to fall into the trap of believing that birth is meant to be the worst experience.

However, in just two short hours, Deidra's perspective shifted completely. She discovered her inner strength and realized her capacity to cope with pain. She was able witnessed a beautiful birth that changed her entire perception of the birthing experience. From a painful experience to manageable experience.

Daniel, her loving partner, also underwent a profound change. He gained the guidance he needed to support Deidra throughout pregnancy and labor. With each class, he learned how to provide better support and comfort. These invaluable tools equip you to cope through any situation, and with our guidance, you'll never be left guessing.

Investing in our program is a life-changing experience. It enriches and empowers your journey, ensuring it is full of moments that are both enriching and fulfilling."


At A Parent's Paradise, we're not just focused on preparing you for childbirth.

Parenthood is a significant journey, and we're here to guide you through every step.

Features and Benefits:

Mindset and Tranquility: Our program places a significant emphasis on developing a mindset that fosters tranquility during pregnancy and birth. We provide you with the tools to remain calm, even in the face of unexpected challenges, ensuring a more serene birthing experience.

Birth Art and Journaling: Explore the transformative power of birth art and journaling. These creative outlets help you process emotions, tap into your inner wisdom, and shift limiting beliefs, resulting in a more positive and confident approach to childbirth.


Coping Tools and Birthing Positions: Gain access to the best coping tools and birthing positions for pregnancy and childbirth, ensuring a smoother and more comfortable experience.

Beyond Pregnancy: We're not here just for your prenatal journey; we're with you as you cross the threshold into the unknown aspects of birth and parenthood.

Unlimited Text Access: We believe in ongoing support, so you'll have unlimited text access to us after your birth and throughout the first year. Our commitment is to help you thrive in parenthood, not just survive.


I am so Thankful for Doree and this class. She really truly prepared us in every way possible and honestly I could feel her presence in the room as I labored helping coach both of us through 

Elizabeth and Even

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EMPOWERING you through birth and beyond.

Your partner will be well-equipped to provide support throughout labor and help you make informed decisions. 

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