What is a Doula?

The short answer is she is a help and a support to the laboring mother and her partner.

Is a Doula a midwife?

No no no, we don't normally do the catching of babies. We don't have all the schooling that comes with a midwife either.  A Doula is someone who stays with you through out your whole labor to get you in good positions, help you to cope, helps partners to feel like they have some extra support. 

When you are in labor many women get to a point where they feel like they want to give up or they are out of control. My job is to help to keep you calm and relaxed. The more relaxed you are the easier the birthing process can be. I help you to stay focused on what you are doing.

If I have a midwife I don't need a doula right?

Midwives are spectacular at what they can do to help you, but they have other responsibilities as well. They have to keep track of babies heart rate and also document. Having a doula is a great help to all your support staff. I personally have delivered with and without a doula and I would choose doula every time.

I am having a birth at the hospital do I need a doula?

The benefits of having a Doula in the hospital are great because although hospital staff are wonderful, they are not with you the whole time. A Doula is with you from the start. When you are at home laboring until you feel it is time to go to the hospital, she will be there through the whole birth and help you to feel comforted and well taken care of. Also nurses are trained to help you medically their job is to also chart and monitor you. A Doula is trained to help you emotionally and physically. 

Another huge benefit of having a Doula is to help fathers to feel empowered and involved through comforting and helping the mother.

How much does a doula help?

Studies have proven that having a woman with you while giving birth increases the satisfaction many women have with their birthing process. Studies also show that women who have a Doula have shorter labors, and receive less interventions.

How much is the Doula fee?

Doulas are trained and are experts at what they do. They work very hard to be there for you through everything and because of that you can expect to pay a Doula anywhere from $200 - $2000. Many women will see this price and want to break down because it is so expensive. We would love to not charge you a penny, because I want every women to feel loved and supported during labor. However, as a Doula, I sacrifice a great deal to be with you at your birth and be there for you throughout the whole process. I will promise you it is well worth the money. Don't be afraid to ask for payment plans or barter.

What is my fee?

I have been a doula for 18yrs and a childbirth educator on top of that. I have a lot of skills and techniques to guide you through this amazing journey. I typically charge $800- $1200 a birth. I am always willing to work with people. Contact me for a free consultation to see if I am a good fit for you.