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Here is what my clients are saying

Thank you SO MUCH for your birthing came right in time and I can't even tell you how much it helped me. Seriously. My contractions were completely different this time because I could actually BREATH. I applied everything you taught me and it made such a difference. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!
Gretchen Federal way, WA

Doree was an amazing Doula. She was kind and patient. She really helped me get through some tough contractions. She knew exactly where to apply pressure to help relieve pain during contractions. The birth that Doree helped me with was my second birth but the first time I delivered without an epidural. She was a great supporter especially at the end of labor when I didn't think I could make it. I am grateful to Doree for not only being a great Doula but also a great friend.
Melissa Portland, OR

Doree acted as my doula during the birth of my second baby.  I was told I had a large amount of amniotic fluid and was monitored excessively.  I felt great, but huge! The doctors told me every possible complication that could arise during pregnancy and birth, even though there were no indications of problems with ultrasounds, fetal monitoring and blood work.  I called Doree to ask for advice on mentally preparing, and walking through what I was anticipating to be an awful labor, and a 12 pound baby!  She came to help me.  She came to my house, had herbs that she suggested, made meals, and even helped around the house!!  She went with me to my 38 week doctor's appointment.  They wanted to induce.  I was miserable and agreed.  Doree gave me a lot to think about in waiting, but I opted for the induction.  She went with me to the hospital, through the awful check in process, and did all the stuff I didn't want to; like ask for anything-lights to be dimmed, more towels, did I have to be monitored, could I walk around, was there a birthing ball.  She helped me move around, breathe, mentally think through what was happening, and encouraged me.  After a few hours of pitocin and monitoring, I was begging for an epidural, as the nurse said I was not really even half way there.  I hated having to lie down to be checked, all the monitors, and, of course, the contractions.  Hitting my breaking point, I got the epidural. A little more than thirty minutes after I got the epidural,later, I was holding my baby girl!  I was so close, but just couldn't relax through the very end.  Next time, I will try a natural birth, and look forward to having someone there who "gets it".  The husband is there, but doesn't know the pain.  He is tired, he doesn't quite know how to help, but doesn't like seeing his wife in pain.  It has been a long several months, and lately days for him too.  Doree was able to connect and explain what I would be feeling, give my husband the opportunity to rest, tell him how he could help, and of course, take some pictures!  Afterwards, she helped make food, had several tools and suggestions to make me comfortable, and even wrote a sweet birth story note to my baby girl!  Loved having her help, and appreciated all of it.  I didn't quiet understand before that a doula is there for the mother, and after having Doree around, I get it!  Thank you Doree!
Dusty Denver, CO

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