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 Pain coping 
6 week series
Birth story listening

All about Classes

Class Description


Private Classes $250

We all have busy lives and opposing schedules if the days and times of class do not work. I can come to the comfort of your home and teach you there. It is usually 2 three hour long classes. Dedicated to you and your partner. We will go over all that is taught in a 6 week series in the privacy of your own home.

6 week series  $ 200

This class with help to give you all tools necessary to cope through pregnancy and labor.

Partners will feel like they have the tools to be present and helpful. Mothers will learn tools needed to cope while laboring. This class allows you the time to mentally, physically, and emotionally prepare for labor, birth, and parenthood. The added bonus is that we will also have access to Sheree DiBiase  owner of Lake city Physical therapy and a very talented PT who has over 20 years of experience helping women with aligning their body for birth, and postpartum. She is skilled at working with all of woman's health and we hope by teaming up we can provide a more comfortable labor and postpartum for our clients. 

Pain coping class $ 70

This class is strictly pain coping. I don't teach what to expect or the stages or phases of labor. We only focus on positions to get into to help you cope, Relaxation, mindfulness, and the difference between coping and suffering.

Birth Story listening $50 By appointment only

If you have a part of your birth story that you are struggling to overcome this is a guided listening that can help you to make process how you look at your story.


All classes are offered in Rathdrum currently, if you are having a private class with me I can travel to Spokane, Spokane Valley, Liberty lake, Ottis orchards, Hayden, Coeurd'alane, Spirit lake, or any other area with in a hour .

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