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What makes Birthing from within Special?

Birthing from within is special because instead of just giving you loads of information I help guide you to going inside yourself and ask yourself what the things you want for your birth.  


I am a mentor not a lecturer, I facilitate discussion and help you to seek out your own answers.I have a structured outline, but we are free to explore questions not on the outline.


We do a lot of group activities, we do things like birth art , sculpting, slow dancing, and a special class for just mothers and just fathers.I help you to learn to make any birth a sacred family experience.


I teach lots of relaxation, and breath awareness, so you can feel confident when laboring. I believe that every birth is unique and special that whatever happens to you in birth can be turned into something beautiful.


Many women suffer after a traumatic birth and my goal is to really help parents prepare for anything that can happen.We don't have control over what happens in Labor, we only have control on how we cope or handle it. 

Common questions about Childbirth classes

Why would I need a class if I am having a epidural? 

MOST birth has some pain or discomfort attached to it. Epidurals are usually given in the more intense parts of labor unless other medical complications arise. Learning ways to cope and work through labor and birth is very useful in fact if you put these coping skills to practice in your daily life they will also carry on through out your life. Plus you get to learn all about the journey you are about to embark on.

 Why do I need a class if I have a midwife or a doula? 

Midwives are so wonderful and amazing, but they are responsible for a lot of other things going on in your birth. You will need to learn to cultivate your coping from within yourself. Doula's are amazing at support, but learning how to rely on yourself to work through the contraction you are going to face will be the most effective tool.

But classes are expensive do I really have to spend the money?

With life being so busy and so many things on our plate, when do you take the time to really focus on your relationship to connect and grow. To be mindful and think about the life altering transition you are about to experience. I give you that space in our classes to do that. The tools you will learn on how to be a great support to your partner in labor is worth your time. Learning what will help you cope through labor and birth will be a great tool for you as a new parent.

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